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FSSAI Registration – What's FSSAI?

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. .

The FSSAI is responsible for:

  • Framing of regulations for food safety standards
  • Laying down guidelines for accreditation of laboratories for food testing
  • Providing scientific advice and technical support to the Central Government
  • Contributing to the development of international technical standards in food safety
  • Collecting and collating data regarding food consumption, contamination, emerging risks etc.
  • Supplying information and promoting awareness about food safety and nutrition in India

Who needs an FSSAI License?

Any business that procures (import), manufactures, processes, packages, stores and distributes food products will mandatorily need to obtain an State Food license.

What's an FSSAI License?

FSSAI License Number is a 14-Digit unique number issued by the FSSAI after examination of documents submitted online by the Applicant. An FSSAI officer will conduct physical inspection of the premises of the applicant. The FSSAI Officer can also demand for a food test report from a reputable lab in case the food item falls into the sensitive category. The FSSAI Inspector can sample the food product any time to ensure that food safety rules have been followed.

The food business operator must ensure that necessary food and Safety compliance checklists are in place, high-quality Manufacturing, packaging, and storage processes are followed.

Reasons To Turn To A Private Limited Company Registration Service To Get Started

Licenses issued fall into 3 categories:

  • Framing of regulations for food safety standards
  • Applicable for small businesses that have an annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. Basic registration can be upgraded to state license later as the business expands.

  • FSSAI State License
  • Medium-sized companies with an annual turnover of less than 20 crores need to apply for an FSSAI State License.

  • FSSAI Central License
  • Large businesses that have an annual turnover of Rs.20 crore and above must apply for an FSSAI Central License. You will also need an FSSAI Central License if you supply food products to government offices or when you must import and export food.

    Type of License Price
    Basic Registration (Form A) Rs.4,499
    State Registration (Form B) Rs.10,499
    Central Registration (Form B) Rs.17,499

    FSSAI basic license and FSSAI State License is issued by the State government officer. FSSAI Central License is issued by the FSSAI regional office Located in major cities.

Documents Needed for FSSAI License

To apply for a State Food License online, the following documents are needed:

  • A declaration form stating all details mentioned are true.
  • An authority letter stating permission for us to apply for an FSSAI Central License on your behalf
  • If you own the food factory or premises, the property papers are needed.
  • In case the premises are a rented property, a copy of the rent agreement is needed.
  • A self-declared copy of the Food Safety Management System Plan.
  • A copy of the electricity or water bill of the business.
  • A copy of the Aadhar card of the proprietor or director of the company.

Food Manufacturing Units will need to submit these additional documents:

  • The blue print or plan of the food processing unit.
  • List all the machinery units employed.
  • A list of the food products desired to be manufactured.
  • Pesticide residue reports of water.

Documents Required for FSSAI Licensing? - State level

Same as FSSAI general list above, in addition to the documents listed below:

  • Business registration certificate – COI/GST/Partnership Deed
  • List of Plant and Machinery
  • Photographs of Machinery
  • ID Proof of person responsible for FSSAI Compliance

Documents Required for FSSAI - Central (Manufacturing)

Same documents as in case of FSSAI State License, in addition to the documents listed below:

  • Audited balance sheet

Documents Required for FSSAI (Exporter and Importer)

  • KYC of Directors / Partners
  • Business Registration certificate – COI, AOA, MOA / Partnership Deed
  • List of food Products intent to import or Export
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • IEC Code in case FSSAI license is to be applied for Export / Import.

Registration Procedure

  • Aproach FSSAI Food License Consultant and initiate registration by submitting Form A (application) to the food and safety department.
  • This application can be accepted, or rejected by the Department within 7 days from the application date and the fact must be intimated to the applicant in writing
  • If accepted, the department will grant a registration certificate with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.
  • The applicant should prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business during business hours.

How India Tax Helphelps you with FSSAI Registration

  • Category Identification – 1-2 Days
  • Fill in the FSSAI application form on our website. Please provide us with as many details about your business as you can for us to determine the correct category for applying a license.

  • Verification of Documents – 1-2 Days
  • You will need to send us the documents necessary for the license by e-mail or courier any physical copies to our postal address.

  • Filing your Application – 1-2 Days
  • Once the documents have been checked thoroughly, we will fill the necessary forms A and B on your behalf to be submitted to the FSSAI authorities.

  • FSSAI Inspection and Clearance – 25-20 Days
  • Our experts will then file your State Food license application and required details at the FSSAI office. There will be regular follow-ups with the food department as well as FSSAI inspection officers who will visit your premises to ensure all necessary requirement criteria are met satisfactorily. We will ensure that you have all the information and any reports ready to meet any criteria mandated by the FSSAI.

  • Procurement of License – 30-Days
  • Once your license is processed and ready, we will mail it to you. We will also assist you with other related needs like license renewals or reapplication.


A) For Export of food products outside India, you need FSSAI Central license.

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